Thursday, February 9, 2012

You're A Donkey

Now that Aubrey is really becoming quite a sponge you have to really be careful what you say around her or it might become her new favorite word to say. Luckily, doggy is stilling reigning champion as her number one word to chant over and over again, but without a little conversational self restraint, it might quickly be replaced by something a little less cute and more inappropriate.

Gabe: random talking....shit....
Martin: Hey, you gotta watch what you say. We're really trying to cut the swearing out.


Martin: random talking....ass....
Me/Gabe: Hey, watch it.
Martin: I don't think that's really one of the bad ones.
Me: Yes it is. It's one of the really bad ones.
Martin: Well what happens when she finds out what a donkey is?
Me: She'll call it a donkey.


Gabe: You're a donkey's donkey.

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