Sunday, February 19, 2012

Disco Ball

*At a Young Farmers and Ranchers Dinner Dance with a bunch of friends last night*

Jennie: (walking over to two rotating disco balls on the stage) Dance in front of these disco balls. It makes you look like ten times better of a dancer. Seriously, check it out. Write about this on your blog.
Me: Ok.
Jennie: Seriously, it makes everyone look ten times better. You're going to write about this, right?
Me: Yes. Definitely.
Jennie: My underwear keeps falling down.

YMCA comes on.

Christian: This is definitely a wedding soundtrack.

Jennie: Look at me. I'm going to pretend I'm an aerobics instructor in front of these disco balls. It's going to look great.

That is when I made a quick bolt off the stage to find my phone in the coat closet so I could give myself a quick reminder of this goldmine of conversation. And it's a good thing I did, because until I noticed the note, I had completely forgotten about those precious moments of hilarity.

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