Friday, February 24, 2012

Wednesday Nights

On Wednesday night I put the garbage on the road. Often times, Aubrey cries unconsolably for the brief minutes I am gone. This most recent Wednesday (two days ago) I slipped outside while Aubrey was busy playing with Martin and thought it might be a successful run. But when I returned, the crying had begun and could not be stopped until I picked her up for a hug.

Martin: Wednesday's are really tough for Aubrey.
Me: Why?
Martin: Because you have to take out the garbage.

Ok, this second picture actually happened on Tuesday night when we had "make-your-own" subs, This is one of my favorite meals. And also one of my brother's favorite too. When he came over to say hello to Aubrey on his way home from the barn - he saw the spread of toppings on the counter and quickly decided he was going to change and stay for dinner.

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