Monday, February 13, 2012

Ten on Ten?

I tried to take ten pictures on the tenth. Well...if we're being honest I completely forgot until the 11th. And I'm just getting around to uploading them now....on the 13th. Hey, but at least I'm in the right month! That's  a huge improvement from last time I posted a ten on ten. ....Ok...AND I just realized there's only NINE.

1. Intent at work.
3. Please don't eat the bubbles. Blow
4. Coffee! Very milky and sugary coffee - the best way.
5. Playing with St. Patrick's Day beads at Grandma's house (yes, we're aware St. Patrick's day is a few holidays away)
6. Giving Grandma a hug before she leaves on vacation.
7. Cuddled up with Mommy and Daddy. Sidenote: notice those crazy bangs on the side of my head. Yeah, that was an impulse decision a week and a half ago. Umm, maybe give me some sort of side swept wispy bang thing. Now I'm just counting down the days until they grow back out. They are so tempermental. I spend the majority of my days looking like a 7th grader trying to grow her bangs out and when I finally get a good bang day I quickly develop a sense of false hope thinking that maybe they just needed a few days to grow into themselves - only to find them doing their own thing again the next day.
8. A little snack during How I Met Your Mother
9. Homemade pizza for dinner.

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