Monday, February 6, 2012

Boom Bamity Boom Boom

Martin has been really into floor hockey lately. Well, Martin and all of his friends. They play every Monday night.....and Martin has the bruises on his legs to prove it (including one serious welt that is dangerously close to making future children out of the question) Last week he broke a blade and then shattered a stick. Needless to say, a new stick is a crucial purchase for tonight's game.

Martin: I think I'll just go to Dick's on Sunday and get a stick
Me: Well. I don't know if you're going to have time. There's that meeting after church and then our superbowl party.
Martin: It's....what...forty minutes from here. I think I could make the whole trip in an hour and a half.
Me: (looks at Martin with skeptism)
Martin: What! I'll be in and out of the store like boom bamity boom boom.
Me: (continues to look with skeptism)
Martin: I know you don't think I can move quickly, but I can do it.

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