Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fresh Tomatoes

On Thursday evening/afternoon I was home for a few hours to regroup, do some laundry, and grab a quick dinner before heading back into work around 5:30. I was making myself a ham sandwich with swiss cheese, tomato, and fresh ground pepper and after taking the first bite was completely blown away by how much the tomato really made the sandwich. Seriously, it was amazing, the best sandwich I've had in a while.

This epiphany reminded me of a conversation Caton and I had on the way to our Sushi Making Class on New Year's Eve.

Caton: I hope the have the freshest cucumbers. Like really fresh cucumbers
Me: I think it's pretty safe to say that the vegetables will be fresh.
Caton: Fresh vegetables are really important. It's like tomatoes; they can really make or break a sandwich. You know when you have a really great sandwich but the tomato is just not fresh and it completely ruins the sandwich. That's why I never get tomatoes on my sandwiches because it's just not worth the risk.
Me: You know how you have a theory on something that you think is really good and you've pretty much perfected it so you have to seize every opportunity to slide it into conversation...
Caton: Yeah! That's kind of what that tomato one is.
Me: I know, I've heard that speech from you about tomotoes already.
Caton: Really? It seems like that one doesn't really fit into conversations very often so I really need to take advantage when it does.

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