Friday, June 15, 2012

Portabella Pizzas

Of all the amazing things Martin does (making me laugh uncontrollably being the chief amazing feat) being a homemaker is not one of them. So when I got home from work at 7:53 on Tuesday night, there certainly wasn't dinner waiting for me. In fact, there wasn't even a husband and child waiting for me as they had retreated to my mom's house for dinner in my absense. Knowing dinner at my mom's was probably eaten and put away, I decided to whip myself up something. I had some portabella mushrooms in the refrigerator and I remembered this pin which I found on pinterest a while ago and decided to take a crack a something new. I was too famished to take the time to look up the actualy recipe so I pretty much just based all my decisions off of my knowledge of the word pizza. When I did look up the recipe later - I realized my version varied greatly from the one I had pinned.

This is what I did:

I destemmed the Portabellas.
I poured spaghetti sauce in them.
I topped with shredded mozzarella and diced peppers (peppers were the only other vegetables in my fridge other than brussel sprouts)
I grilled the pizzas until the cheese melted.

Like I mentioned, I got home at 7:53 and by 8:17 I had inhaled two of these, cleaned up the kitchen, and started the dishwasher.

But...if I were making reccomendations, which I obviously am, I would probably follow the original recipe a little closer. The original recipe was less of a pizza and more of pizza type vegetables stuffed in a portabella and topped with cheese. The big advantage to this is the original recipe required you to saute the vegetables until cooked before adding them to the portabellas. This really would have skyrocketed my meal from good to great because my peppers were basically still raw when I ate them on my pizzas. I think if I was really short on vegetables, like if I didn't have tomatoes, I would probably saute my vegetables and then mix with spaghetti sauce before adding in the mushroom.  Either way, I would highly recommend this meal....especially if you're a mushroom lover!

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