Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weddings....and eating daisies

Last weekend one of my good friends and colleagues got married. She had a fantastic wedding. Other than my own wedding (which I'm slightly biased towards) I have never seen such a full dance floor for the entire time. That in and of itself was pretty spectacular. You know I love to bust a move. ....Actually, I might like to bust a move a little too much because my dancing did not go unnoticed.

DJ: And before we move on to the next song, I'd like to do a special shout out to the girl right there in the blue dress in the middle
*entire dance floor immediately spreads so I'm standing by myself in the middle trying desperately to point to my friend who is also in a blue dress*
DJ: This girl has not stopped dancing all night long. I played a Neil Diamond song earlier and you won't believe the air this girl got. She's the Elaine from Seinfeld of this party.

The wedding was out of town so Aubrey went with us to the church ceremony and then during the reception a friend's younger sister (also her DD) babysat Aubrey in the hotel room. During the ceremony Aubrey mostly entertained everyone by showing them her muscles. Then when she started to get a little bored (it was an hour long) she and Martin went for a walk outside and returned with a flower. Aubrey handed me the flower and upon me thanking her she immediately took and back and after rolling it around in her hand for a few minutes started to rip it up and eat pieces of the stem.

Martin: Are you really letting her eat that???
Me: She's being really quiet!

You can't mess with the equilibrium a quiet toddler creates.

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