Monday, June 11, 2012

Talking in Your Sleep

On Friday night we went over to visit our friends, Katie and Ryan, and their adorable daughter that I haven't seen in way too long since we went to Florida together - Karalyn. After Karalyn and Aubrey, mostly Aubrey, decided they really didn't want to play with each other both girls had a lot of fun clinging to the sides of their mothers until it was bedtime. Aubrey took a brief interlude of clinging to my side to chase the cat.

When it was time to leave around midnight, I picked up a sleeping Aubrey out of the pack and play and brought her out to the carseat. The entire walk downstairs to grab her bag and say goodbye and then out to the car she did not wake. When I set her in the carseat she quickly opened her eyes and looked at me with a smile.

Aubrey: Mom. Waawidoin (That's baby talk for what are we doing?):
Me: Hey pretty, we're going to go home and go to bed.
Aubrey: Oh.
at this point she lay her head back on the carseat content with my answer and ready to get back to sleeping.

Just one of the many moments that I treasure.


  1. I thought this post was going to be about Ryan and Martin waking up from a sound sleep when we starting talking about lesbians.

    Much sweeter post!

    1. I was going to include that story....but this one was better.