Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Aubrey and I went strawberry picking on Saturday morning before the Strawberry Festival Parade (which if you're local you really should check out the Monday issue of your Daily News because you can see Aubrey and I watching the parade  - if you're not local you can see the picture here).

Picking strawberries at Panek's always brings back fond memories. I spent a lot of years picking strawberries there every single day for the entire strawberry season. I spent so much time picking strawberries that I used to dread picking strawberries so it's ironic that I now return as a fun, social outing. Aubrey stayed in her stroller while my mom and I picked out quarts because we were worried about her smashing the rows. And based on her performance in the stroller, I think our fears were well founded. The girl knocked the stroller over TWICE while trying to pick up her quart with berries which she had dropped on the ground. Yes, on two seperate occasions I had to pick her up because she was laying on the ground stuck in a sideways stroller. But don't worry, she was so happy to be shoving her face with strawberries she didn't even mind tipping over a few times.

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