Thursday, June 14, 2012


A couple weeks ago, in what seemed like over night, my grandmother's rose burst went from having a flower here and there to bursting with gorgeous flowers. My mom mentioned that I should try to get a good picture of Aubrey with the rose bush as a backdrop. I thought this was a marvelous idea, but unfortunately - the blooming of the flowers coincided with Aubrey's terrible nose injury. As luck would have it, Aubrey's nose healed in record time and the flower blooms, while starting to die a little are still gorgeous. So.....I attempted to take the perfect picture. I've included every photo from that photo shoot so you can see just what I'm up against. 

Hey Aubrey, can you look at the camera, please? Maybe try to pick a flower instead of rocks.

Ok, my camera was too slow. You look drunk .

Look at me,please.

Can you take your hands out of your mouth, please.

Ok. How about just look at me and smile.

That's about as good as it's gonna get.

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