Saturday, June 16, 2012

Harley Hello

Martin: So I was driving my work truck and I passed a motorcycle and I was like, I'm going to try it so I did and they did it back.
Mitchell: They probably thought you were a rider.
Me: What was it?

Martin: (throws out hand like this).

The harley hello.

Martin: If you put your hand low it means no cops and if you lift it up it means there's a cop.
Me: Oh (demostrates hello)
Martin: You don't have to put you're hand so high. It looks like you're doing the disco.

Mitchell: The only problem with it is a lot of riders don't actually know it so you'll pass them and they'll wave to you and there's never a cop.
Me: That would probably be me.
Alex: You'd be really enthuastically waving like.....OMG There's another motorcycle!!!


Mitchell: Or she'd be waving with both hands off the wheel.
Martin: Yeah, the other motorcycle would be like oh my gosh, there's road block ahead.
Me: Is that what it means if you take both hands off the wheel and wave them?
Mitchell: Ugh! No! If you take both hands off the wheel people are just going to drive past you praying that you don't run them over cause you're an idiot.
Me: Oh.

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  1. ahaha! i love when you post conversations :)