Friday, June 8, 2012

Baked Balsamic Carrots

I was originally going to write a post about my homemade mac and cheese. Because it's amazing. I'm not kidding, Martin actually told me on Sunday night when I made it that this mac and cheese was one of the reasons why he is so glad he married me. Because otherwise he would probably have gone his whole life without knowing how good mac and cheese can be.

And then on Monday:

Me: What do you want for dinner.
Martin: I was planning on having mac and cheese. Thinking about eating the leftovers is pretty much what's been getting me through the day.

and then I could smell fresh noodles boiling in the kitchen

Me: Did you make noodles?
Martin: Ummm....yeah.....why?
Me: Because I can smell them. I thought you were having the leftovers.
Martin: Well I didn't want to eat them all - I wanted to save some for tomorrow so I can enjoy it then too.

....If that's not credibility I don't know what is.

But anyway,

I'm not sharing the mac and cheese recipe here with you today because I realized my recipe is less of a recipe and more of a throw ingredients together with no set proportions. And, I realize I never really give very good guidelines for the amount of each ingredient to add, but I barely have a good grasp on this one myself so I can't even begin to articulate it into words.

Instead I'm going to share the sidedish we had with the mac and cheese. Baked Carrots and Balsamic. The nice thing about these is it really doesn't matter how much or how little of any ingredient you use, so it's really tough to screw it up. I made these from a combination of a bunch of different recipes that I barely glanced over on pinterest. Here goes:

Cut the carrots into pieces. You can see I have some long pieces in the pan but mostly little pieces. That's because I originally began trying to cut the carrot the long way to make "carrot chips" as I had seen somewhere but almost immediately decided I didn't have a steady enough hand to master that type of cut.

Toss the cut carrots in a dish with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Sprinkle a little salt on top.

Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes.


and ps. I normally HATE cooked carrots, but these have a totally different taste to them than the steamed ones your mom used to try to feed you.

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