Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Truth.

Last week my best friend, Caton, was in town. It was amazing to see her and to hang out. We did tons of fun activities and I also really really like her future Bostonian roommate, Lizzie. Caton has a thing for telling stories with ..........flair. The not so eloquant way of saying that is she mostly makes them up to make a better story. The first night Caton was home we obviously got together and Caton obviously started telling stories.

Caton: Ok, here's a story that is 100% true and I already told Jenna about it right after it happens so she can vouch for me (Sidenote: If you can catch a story from Caton on the first telling it is usually closest to the truth because she thinks of fun embellishments as she spins her original tale).

*Caton proceeds to tell the story*

Caton: And that was true, right?
Me: Well........it was pretty close to the truth. There was only one difference in the story you told me.
Caton: Oh really? What was it? (Caton also trains herself to believe her elaborations so its often times hard to convince her otherwise after the story has been altered.)
Me: In the story you told me you said that Landon text one of Nate's friends for your number but in that story you said that Landon called Nate (your date at the party) for your number and he said no way!
Caton: Oh yeah. I really thought that was completely true too!

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