Tuesday, January 22, 2013


It's been cold around these parts. Really cold. Like single digits cold. For those of you in some parts of the country posting pictures of frozen cats I realize single digits are probably considered some sort of heat wave (I'm talking to you, bailey), but around here it's quite chilly. When Aubrey and I left this morning it was a mere 7 degrees out, and with the winds that are constantly barreling across the field on the side of our house it felt well below zero. As soon as we stepped of the deck and entered the driveway without being protected by the house as a windbreak, Aubrey stopped dead in her tracks. She was completely paralyzed by the cold and wind and unable to take a step forward. I lifted her up and whisked her into the shelter of the car. When we arrived at my mom's house moments later, she buried her head in my shoulder before I even lifted her out of the car, scared that she would feel the intense cold again. And our house, which is normally set at a balmy 62 degrees just can't keep up with the weather. This morning the thermostat read 58 and this evening it was up to 60. But what better way to beat the cold than a warm bubble bath serenaded by Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?


  1. Ha! I don't know whether to be embarrassed that the world now knows I find humor in frozen cats, or to be honored that I was mentioned on your blog!

    I'm sorry for Aubrey though, winter sucks.

    1. If you're debating between feeling embarassed or honored they choice should always be honored!