Monday, January 14, 2013

There Was A Sunday

I'm sure these pictures are going to post completely out of order because I've been having issues uploading photos onto my blog (the upload button is completely gone? help!) so I've been having to write my posts on the computer, save them as drafts and then add the photos from my phone. Therefore, I've been trying to keep my posts to one photo to eliminate the need for arranged photos since I don't really know how to do that from my phone, but yesterday was just too amazing of a day to pin down to one photo.

An Ode to Sunday (once again):

There was a delightful breakfast with friends after waking up from a company Christmas party.
There was a two hour ride home with the windows rolled down and my love by my side.
There was a detour to look at a tractor trailer in a parking lot somewhere in Rochester.
There was a quick grocery shop.
There was a Make-Your-Own-Sub lunch.
There was lots of sliding.
There was a leisurely walk.
And, for Aubrey, there was  a little digging in the remaining snow from the driveway pile as if it were a sandbox.
There was a nap in Aubrey's bed.
There was two episodes of Parks and Recreation and two episodes of The Office with my loves.
There was grilling of steak in the warm January breeze.
There was steak and salad for dinner.
There was some coloring on the floor.
There was a beautiful picture present hanging on the wall.
There was a bath with lots of bubbles.
There was lots of books to be read before bed.
There was a Very Hungry Caterpillar whom has been memorized by a toddler.
There was a toddler who's parents let her nap for too long and whom didn't want to sleep.
There was a Sunday I don't want to trade.

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