Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a fantastic New Year's Eve! I know we did....hosting our first ever party in our first ever home! It was a pretty monumental event. Of course, in true fashion, I completely neglected to take any pictures of the event, but here are a few of my personal highlights from the evening:

I love games. And my best friend, Caton, was in attendance. She really loves games. So, there was some game playing.

First up: Spoons!
Caton: (explaining rules to those who haven't played) It's like musical chairs without chairs, or music, or moving and with cards and spoons. Also, I have some scars from playing.
Me: But you don't always get scars.
(I did wind up getting a bloody finger somehow)

It took a couple rounds for everyone to catch on to the pace of the game. In the first round everyone except for Kelly had retrieved the spoons from the center and Kelly was still very concentrated on looking through the cards to get four of a kind.

Katie: Sometimes you can just quietly grab a spoon and people won't even notice and just keep playing.
Me: Yeah, that's like earlier tonight.
Katie: Oh yeah! Sorry! I completely forgot you did that Kelly!


Then we moved on to Taboo:
Basically any clue that Matt has ever or will ever give in the game of Taboo brings immense joy to my heart. Ever clue Matt gives he pretends as if he is the clue and then describes it in that manner.

Example: If he were giving a clue for puberty he would probably say something like: If I was a teenage boy and my voice was squeaky I would be ....

Although this doesn't seem quite as funny now that I'm writing it, one of my favorite clues Matt gave was If I was a big black bird.


And Kings Cup:

Our friend Janet's fiance Travis really made this game for me. During the first round of Never Have I Ever I said Never Have I Ever Used Food in a Sexual Setting. Travis really couldn't get past the whole food thing and proceeded to incorporate into every single aspect of the game. As in his never have I ever was Never Have I Ever Had Sex with Food. And when someone picked sex toys as a category his toy was a cucumber. And countless other food references I can't remember.


And then there was my brother....my young, innocent brother who somehow discovered alcohol last night and then couldn't stop talking. The words were just dripping off of him like he drank a gallon of truth serum. It was embarrassing for everyone around. And also incredibly funny.


And there was a sex off?

I didn't think I'd ever write about a sex off on this blog, but alas, here I am typing away. Hopefully you're not thinking of this in a literal way, but more of a sexy dancing being sexy type of way. Somehow Gabe and Janet engaged in a sex off and there was a lot of dancing on pool tables, sliding up and down walls and then the whole thing ended tragically when Janet was apparently trying to pull off something sexy on Aubrey's tricycle but ended up in a heap on the floor shouting I'm okay! and Gabe came running out of the playroom wearing a bandanna, a Dora backpack and carrying a Raggedy Anne. No one was really sure where that was going.


Matt and Judy playing pool.

I came in towards the end of this game when it was almost tied up and each just had a few more balls to get in the holes.

Gabe: They're playing for who's on top tonight.
Judy: (with a reddening face) You're making Matt uncomfortable.
Caton: I think he's making you uncomfortable.
Matt: (Attempts to call out a pocket but his voice breaks out all high and squeaky. Apparently he was a little uncomfortable).

And then moments later when he completely misses even hitting the eight ball....
Andrew: (Running over to the pool table) The ball is right here!!!!


And then there was the end of the night when people were saying their goodbye's departing.

Martin: Nice to meet you Melissa. Last name?
Melissa: Abraham.
Caton: Like Lincoln
Martin: Like Lincoln?
Melissa: Yes.
Martin: See....they're over here saying like Lincoln but I was thinking more biblical.
Caton and I: Father Abraham.....Had many sons.....And many sons had Father Abraham.......And you are one of them.....and so am I.....So let's all praise the lord.
Martin: Apparently they're a lot more holy than me.
Caton: You went to a lot of bible school classes with me, huh?


And probably one of my favorite parts of the evening......dancing with Gabe. Because it's fun, and we've got a pretty good groove. And he's an amazing dancer. And because no matter how pregnant I am, dancing with Gabe always feels like an amazing boost to my self confidence. Seriously girls, one of you should nab him quick!

2013, you came in the right way.

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