Friday, January 11, 2013


Growing up on a dairy farm, my dad always had a very black and white opinion on horses. There was a period of my childhood when I seriously thought another common name for the horse was "hayburner" as this is what I would hear my dad scoff every single time we passed by horses in a pasture in view of our traveling vehicle. Martin has very similar views on horses as my father (it must be a dairy farmer thing?) and attempted to instill these opinions into Aubrey the other night. Aubrey the animal lover. Aubrey whom loves to watch the team of horses run in the pasture at Papa's house (Martin's stepdad's). Aubrey who got a gorgeous horse dress from Mimi for Christmas.

Martin: (going on some useless tangent about horses and their waste of existence while I pretty much ignore him. Entire conversation stemming from a dress!)
Aubrey: (apparently not ignoring her father and getting angry at him starts shaking her arm at him and yelling) No! No! No! Stop it daddy!
Me: Yeah, Martin calm down. It's not that big of a deal if she likes horses.
Aubrey: I love horses.
Martin: You mean you love Brownie the Cow.
Aubrey: No. I love horses.
Martin: You see what this is going to lead to?
Me: It's not that big of a deal. So she likes horses; we don't have a horse.
Martin: Not yet! But liking horses leads to having a horse.
Me: Well, when I was a kid I wanted a horse and I never got one and I turned out fine.
Martin: But you're still mad about it! You're bringing it up right now!
Me: This is the first time I've ever brought this up since I've known you! And we're talking about horses!
Martin: Well, you've probably had nightmares about it. That's where that stuff comes up. In your dreams.
Me: You are ridiculous.
Aubrey: I love horses.
Me: Yes, you do. And you love cows too, right.
Aubrey: No. I love horses.
Me: Yep. Horses and dogs too.
Aubrey: No. I love horses.
Martin: Do you love kitties? What about kitties.
Aubrey: I love horses.
Martin:(at this point there is practically smoke coming from his ears because he is so distraught and because he is already a grumpy old man who is way too set in his ways). I give up.


  1. HAHA... Jenna... just listen to the music of OKLAHOMA! there are cow people and horse people.. NO doubt.. HAHA... This post... Listening to Martin.. reminds me of a few conversations like this that I had with our Dad when I was a little girl-CUTE! -Gretchen

  2. Andy practically disowned his brother upon the arrival of Judy's horse to our farm and threatens to kill it at least once a week. I'm glad I am not alone! -CF

  3. Haha, the Oklahoma reference is such a good one!