Saturday, January 19, 2013

Secret Celebrity Boyfriends and Sitcoms

I've come to the conclusion that I have the best friends in the world. I only wish they all lived with me so everyday could be a day filled with hilarious conversation. Over the holidays, Caton, Ingrid and Amanda were all in town! It was basically a dream come true. I don't know if the four of us have all spent time together since my wedding......which was a long time ago.

Conversation over lunch:
Amanda: (telling us all about her boyfriend who is in a band and came to NYC for recording and was on some radio interviews/podcasts that her father is stalking and listening to on repeat).

(the conversation thread has changed, but the question is still burning in Ingrid)

Ingrid: So, what is your boyfriend's name? He's not a secret celebrity or something? Do you have to conceal his identity? Like you're telling us his name is Max but it's really Justin Bieber or one of the Jonas Brothers.

Amanda: (Talking about how much she can't stand Adele. Caton and I are laughing hysterically because we've already heard this line of reasoning earlier in the week and Ingrid is patiently trying to wrap her head around it)
Just as the conversation on Adele is beginning to wind down and Amanda is beginning to get her composure back:
Ingrid: I mean, I have plenty of celebrities that I don't like for completely irrational reasons.

One of Us: We are hilarious. They should make a sitcom about us.
Ingrid: Well, then we have to decide who we each would cast for ourselves.
The Remaining Three: What?! We would play ourselves! Obviously!
Ingrid: But then it's not a sitcom, it's a reality show.
Us: (disappointed) Oh.

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