Sunday, January 20, 2013

It's So Messy

Aubrey: Mommy, come play with me.
Me: Ok. One minute, Aubrey. Let me just clean up this counter; it's a mess.
Aubrey: Ok mommy.

I start cleaning counter and other various kitchen surfaces.

Aubrey: (singing to herself) It's so messy. It's so messy. It's so messy. It's so messy.........
Me: Jeez, you don't have to rub my domestic failures in my face. 
Aubrey: What mommy??? It's so messy It's so messy.....

It's at this point I realize I'm talking to a toddler and she's not rubbing my domestic failures in my face, she's making a song out of something I said. From now on whenever I want to talk about what a mess my house is I'm going to say Mommy looks beautiful today and see what type of song I can get out of Aubrey.

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