Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm Just As Scared As You Are

As I've mentioned, Martin and I have been the proud owners of a pool table since Christmas morning. I'm not really sure where my fascination with pool tables or with having one in my home stems from since I can barely hit the white ball let alone get the white ball to hit another ball into a pocket. Pool for me is a lot if coaxing of the balls under my breath and hoping to at least get a few in before my opponent eventually wins.

But now that we own a pool table we really need to get down to business. No one will think I'm anything more than a poser if I put a pool table in my house and then can't even properly set up the triangle ( is that the proper name for that?) Last night, Martin and I decided we both needed to hone up our skills and also we wanted to do something together that didn't involve washing dishes or falling asleep to the Office (although we did do at least one of those activities together last night). Martin isn't great at pool either, but he's better than I am and managed to beat me both games we played. Even Aubrey cheering relentlessly every time I shot at anything wasn't enough to pull for a win. There was one point where I had a very small gleam of hope for my future in the game. I got three of the right color balls ( solids) into the pockets IN A ROW. I looked up at Martin, completely flabbergasted by my sudden stream of luck and quickly replied to my glance.

Martin: Don't worry. I'm just as scared as you are.


  1. The triangle is called a rack.

  2. You do have a bridge don't you?