Thursday, January 24, 2013

Circle of Trust

Me: Did you tell your boss that I'm having a baby anytime in the next few weeks so you're probably going to need to take a few impromtu vacation days?
Martin: I will say something tomorrow.
Me: I'm due February 9th. And also, you probably don't need to go back to work the afternoon we get back from the hospital.
Martin: I was definitely not going to do that.
Me: Well, you did that when we had Aubrey.
Martin: That's because I was in the hospital for two days and I had cabin fever!
Me: (silence)
Martin: I'm sure you probably felt the same way and I just was the one with the ability to leave. I would expect you to do the same thing if you were in my shoes.
Me: Yeah, ok.
Martin: I mean, I didn't even want to spend the night in the hospital the second night but I had to do that.
Me: (silence)
Martin: What I meant was I wanted our whole family to be home. Isn't this the trust? The circle? The circle of trust?

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