Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Doctor, Doctor

Sylvia had her two month checkup this morning. As a result, she's pretty drugged up at the moment and sleeping off the long list of vaccines she was given mid-morning. While Sylvia, had she known what was occurring, would definitely have been dreading today's appointment, Aubrey was extremely excited about a visit to the doctor.

Aubrey: They have lots of toys at the doctor. I'm going to play with toys!

Aubrey: I'm going to help the doctor check up Sylvia.

Aubrey to an older woman in the waiting room: This is my sister Sylvia. She has a checkup. The doctor has to check her ears....and her nose.....and her legs.... I'm going to help the doctor check my sister.

For a girl that spends most of her time playing with toys making one toy rescue another and whom routinely plays a game during which a man climbs a mountain and then falls off the mountain, breaks his leg and rides in an ambulance to Doctor Aubrey who then fixes his leg and sends him back up the mountain to repeat the process - a trip to the doctor's office is basically a visit to a candy store.

Other than wooing the hearts of everyone in the office (one woman was so intent on watching Aubrey play she didn't hear the nurse call her name, and Aubrey somehow conned the nurses into giving her three stickers, even though she didn't even have an appointment today), we did manage to get some stats on Sylvia's growth. In comparison to Aubrey (whom has never been below the 75th percentile in either height or weight), Sylvia is a little nugget measuring in the 25th percentile for both categories.

Height: 21 inches
Weight: 10 lbs

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