Saturday, April 27, 2013

Don't Worry, Sylvia

The other day, I didn't go into work until after lunch. It was beautiful outside with picture perfect clouds so Aubrey and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather while Sylvia took a nap inside. I had the monitor in my pocket when Sylvia awoke and began to cry just before lunchtime.

Aubrey: Can I hold the monitor?
Me: Sure. It sounds like Sylvia is waking up.
Aubrey: Yeah. (holding the monitor to her ear like a phone) Don't worry Sylvia, we're coming to get you! Mom, Sylvia really needs our help.

And then Martin came home from the farm to eat lunch with us!
Martin: Don't be blogging about me doing nothing in the middle of the day.
Me: But it's lunch.
Martin: It doesn't matter. You don't pose for pictures during lunch.

I hadn't been thinking about blogging about his lunch appearance until he told me I shouldn't.

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