Tuesday, April 2, 2013

All About Eggs

Saturday was all about eggs. Egg hunt. Egg Decorating. Eggs.

Caton and Kerri arrived for egg decorating with at least a couple dozen plastic eggs for Aubrey to hunt for in the lawn. They headed out to hide the eggs as I was getting shoes on Aubrey and putting Sylvia in her backpack.

Me: Aubrey isn't really that great at this, so don't hide them too well. Really just get them scattered around the lawn.

I look out the sliding glass door as I'm putting Aubrey's shoes on to see Kerri politely walking around the yard and softly placing eggs on the ground - one by the slide, one by the pile of wood, one by the tree. Caton, on the other hand, is standing in the middle of the lawn and throwing eggs in every direction.

Aubrey found four of the dozens of eggs and walked back to us proclaiming she had found all the eggs!

No Aubrey, I can see at least eight just from where I'm standing! (I'm a really encouraging parent) Keep looking!

She did eventually find all the eggs without much guidance, just a lot of sending her back out to find more (with every egg she found she was convinced she had found them all)

Then we started decorating eggs. This picture makes it look like we really knew what we were doing - those eggs look pretty awesome. And, yeah, when you group them together and turn them at the right angle for a picture - it looks like a success. But when you're in the trenches of egg decorating all you can think is - These look so awesome on the internet and I have no idea how people get them to look so good! And look at the giant goose eggs! So cool!

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