Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Centerpiece

This morning, as I was packing up all things egg-related and putting them away for next year - I contemplated what theme I should be decorating to now that Easter is over and we have some time before the next big holiday. So, I started grabbing random items to create a picnic themed centerpiece - perfect for urging on warm weather!

Creating a Picnic-Themed Centerpiece:
-a basket and a towel are essential
-produce that doesn't need refrigeration
-some old bottles
-its not a picnic without bread
-sunglasses to urge warm weather and bright sunny days

My basket was a housewarming gift and I filled it with some cute glass bottles (a field find), some sparkling grape juice (a gift from my pregnant days), onions and grape tomatoes, a jar of peppercinos (these always remind me of picnics), brightly colored sunglasses (Aubrey's present from the Easter Bunny), rye bread (out of the wrapper only for the picture), a wine bottle opener (for easy access on the counter) and two dyed goose eggs (I just couldn't bear to part with them yet)

I really just grabbed random stuff. The key is to use things that you always have on hand and naturally use and replace. This way, you can continue to update and change your centerpiece throughout the season as you use and replace the perishable products.

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