Friday, April 5, 2013

Little Man

This is one of Aubrey's all time favorite toys. She lovingly refers to it as "little man" As in where is my little man. Don't worry little man will save you! As you might be able to tell - that is a woman. It is technically Noah's wife from a Noah and the Ark set she got as a baby gift, but come on that bun is really tight. You can't expect a two year old to pick out those feminine features. And besides, she has a tough time with the pronoun she so it's just as well this way. Sylvia is a he, I am a he, as is ever other girl and woman Aubrey has ever met. When I try to get her to repeat the word she back to me, it somehow comes back as a six syllable word. So - I just let her go on referring to everyone as a he. All that aside, Aubrey takes this Little Man pretty much everywhere and keeps very close track of his whereabouts. We have probably spent as many hours looking for Little Man as we have for Baby Jesus. So, of course, he joined us on our trip to the midwest.

And as luck would have it, one of Ingrid's friends showed up at her house on Sunday afternoon for St. Patrick's Day pizza celebration decked from head to toe in green. With the addition of the red scarf and her hair pulled back in a military style bun - she was a life size "Little Man". It was like a real life Toy Story!

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