Thursday, April 25, 2013

Like a Moth to a Flame

Lately, Aubrey has been really into washing dishes. Or washing her hands. Or washing Sylvia. Or really doing anything that involves playing with water in the sink. I usually try to wash dishes when she is absorbed in something other activity because despite all my greatest precautions - the experience always ends with her shirt covered in water and begging for dry clothes. Unfortunately, it is really hard to distract her from the dishwashing process. As soon as she hears the water running she is making a beeline for the kitchen and pushing her table up to the sink to "help". Once helping, she really prefers to play with water that is running from the faucet, but since I never let it keep running she has to suffice herself with playing in the sink water. But...she's always on the lookout for running water. As soon as you turn the water on to rinse off a plate or some other dish her eyes bug out and she quickly races her cup to the water to fill it to the top. It's almost ridiculous how quickly she reacts to the water turning on every single time and Martin and I have started randomly turning it on for half a second just to amuse ourselves as she tries to reach it before we quickly shut it off.

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