Monday, April 8, 2013

The Cheering Squad

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my nieces came over one Sunday afternoon. This particular Sunday happened to fall during my potty training boot camp week with Aubrey and so I was giving her two jelly beans each time she went to the bathroom on her own. She happened to go to the bathroom while the girls were over, and so earned two jelly beans.

Kendyll: Can I have a jelly bean too?
Me: Yep, you went pee in the potty so you can have some.
Leigha: Can I have a jelly bean, please?
Me: No, I'm sorry Leigha, I can only give them to girls who go in the potty.
Me: (to Megan) Sorry, I just can't let Aubrey see me give a jelly bean to someone who doesn't go to the bathroom right now.
Megan: Hey, that's totally fine, whatever you have to do.
Leigha: (stands there for a second and then runs for the bathroom)

At this point we are all running to the bathroom after her and the scene that played out next is nothing short of comical as Megan is standing in the doorway with Sylvia, I am trying to get Leigha's diaper off, and both Kendyll and Aubrey are standing on either sides of the toilet totally cheering for Leigha to pee.

Come on, Leigha! You can do it!
You're going to get an M & M (Aubrey doesn't seem to know the difference between jelly beans and m & m's)

If nothing else, they are definitely cousins that support one another.

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