Tuesday, January 4, 2011

To: George - Love, Jenna

The holidays have come and gone, but my stories about them haven't.

And a holiday would not be complete if I didn't spend time with my best friend of forever, Caton McKenna.

So, a few days before Christmas, I spent an entire day with Caton.

We went wine tasting.
We played games.
We attended her parent's vet practice holiday party.
And we wrapped presents.

We mostly wrapped presents for Caton's dad from Caton's mom.

After we finished wrapping, Caton was picking up all the presents to place under the tree. As she was picking up my wrappings she was reading the labels.

To: George From: Iva

To: George Love, Iva

To: George Love,............Jenna?

You wrote Love, Jenna

Me: Oooo shoot. Oooops.
Mrs. McKenna: Hahaha. Just leave it.

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