Monday, January 31, 2011

Day One

 Today is the first day I go back to work
 Which means I have to go 8 - 10 hours without holding this cutie.
A whole day without looking at this face.

I pretty much spent a good portion of last night crying uncontrollably whenever I thought about leaving Aubrey behind. When I wasn't crying I was storming around the house like there was no possible way I could get everything done before this morning.

Martin: Where is the lettuce that I cut up and put in a bowl
Me: In the fridge.
Martin: You threw it out?
Me: No, it's in the fridge.
Martin: You put it in a bag?
Me: No, it's in the bowl.
Martin: You threw it out?
Me: (storms over to fridge) No. It's RIGHT HERE!
Martin: Ok. God you don't have to be such a bitch about it.
Me: (walks back over to sink where I am getting ready to give Aubrey a bath and starts crying uncontrollably)
Martin: Oh. I'm so sorry. Now I feel like an ass. I didn't realize you were having seperation anxiety. I thought you were just storming around for no reason.

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