Saturday, January 22, 2011


I have a confession to make. We have had Aubrey sleeping in a pack and play since she was born. It was just easier because we didn't have a lot of space in our old apartment, we knew we would be moving and didn't want to worry about assembling and disassembling a crib, and we were coming home basically every weekend so the pack and play was a lot more convienent. However, it has recently started to become more and more apparent that we really need to bite the bullet and purchase a crib. This is most strongly evidenced by the fact that if Aubrey is tired, but will not fall asleep in the pack and play - we just put her on the bed and she falls asleep almost immediately. I'm assuming this has something to do with the fact that the mattress is so much more comfortable than the floor of the pack and play. Martin and I were discussing what sort of bed to get for Aubrey and wondering if an old disassembled crib in the back of the farmhouse would work.

Me: Well, I guess it depends if the slots are too wide. Because they have new rules for that now and that crib is really old.
Martin: I think it would only be a problem if she got her head stuck in the slots and died.
Me: Yeah, that's the point. It would be a problem.
Martin: Obviously it would be a huge tragedy if that happened. I just meant it wouldn't be a problem that the crib was technically illegal unless something happened.
Me: I'm not really worried about complying with the law here. I'm worried about the safety of our child.
Martin: Oh right. I was just saying.


  1. Just so you know that ALL old cribs that have the drop down sides are now ILLEGAL. DO NOT USE IT unless precious little Aubrey's life isn't worth the $200.00 that a new crib costs. I guess you'll have to weigh the pros and cons on it. Just saying.

  2. This one actually doesn't have drop down sides, but we decided to get a new one. The slats are too far apart.