Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowglobe Town

Martin: Let me tell you about Trumansburg. It's a snowglobe town. Just the other night Jenna and I were going to get some milk from down at the local ShurSave. I love the ShurSave. Here, we finish each other's sentences - Jenna, tell Megan why I love the ShurSave.
Me: Umm. I don't know.
Martin: Well, Jenna doesn't like the ShurSave because it's not Aldi. I love the ShurSave because they have those high school kids working there. You know, the ones that really don't care and look annoyed. That's what they have in Tburg
Megan: Ha. You're calling it Tburg now. Aren't you cool?
Martin: Yeah. Tburg. You know, Trumansburg. You know what they ask you at the ShurSave? (looks over at me and waits)
Me: Do you have a gasbusters card?
Martin: Nooo. What else?
Me: Paper or Plastic?
Martin: Yeah! There we go again finishing each other's sentences!
Megan: (laughing hysterically) I really hope you put this conversation on your blog
Martin: The other night we were coming home from that there ShurSave with the high school kids that ask you if you want paper or plastic and I was saying how Trumansburg is a snowglobe town. You know, if you were going to put a town in a snowglobe - it would be Trumansburg.
Me: Yeah, it is really nice. There are cute stores and restaurants. And not a single stoplight. And all the houses are really nice.
Martin: And I was saying it was a snowglobe town and not two minutes after I said it. Guess what we saw? Tell her what we saw, honey.
Me: A group of carolers.
Martin: That's right! A group of carolers singing down the street.

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