Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Saturday Night

On Saturday night we went to a western New York Young Farmers and Ranchers Dinner and Dance with a bunch of friends. Ok. Technically it was a Livingston, Genessee, Wyoming County Young Farmers and Ranchers Dinner Dance but that's probably because someone who invited people in other counties like Orleans and Niagara decided calling it a western New York Dinner Dance would just make too much sense.

the auctioneer look

Anyway, Orleans County crashed this party like it was our job when we rolled in with 22 people, two of whom were wearing leisure suits. Want to take a guess which two?

this didn't look quite so blurry that night.
If you're going to say my husband and brother-in-law - you would be 100% correct. Martin's was powder blue whle Gabe's was more of a red velvet color. Even though they were purchased at Salvo the night before to wear as a joke, Martin won my grandma's approval.

(Martin and I walk into my parent's house to leave Aubrey for the evening.)
Mom (bursts our laughing)
Grandma: That's a very nice suit Martin. You look very nice.... You know, that coat could really pair with a lot of different pants.

We were, of course, the first people on the dance floor and some of the last people to leave. Because, well, it was a party and we had to tear it up.

Also, it was free beer, so Martin drank his fair share. This is almost always a good thing for me when at a dancing event. While I was the first person on the dance floor with three other girls that joined us. Martin was the sixth, preceded only by Gabe. Any night when Martin dances is a good night for me.

If Martin's eagerness to dance wasn't enough of a clue that he had put back a few drinks, his conversation made it all too clear.

Myself, Katie and Ryan talking about something at dinner.
Martin: (in an incredulous voice like he can't believe you would think otherwise) Yes I could drive a car through this building! If you get it going fast enough it would definitely go through. Plus you have the huge window right there!

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  1. YES! i have one of my dad's select sires hats!! i love wearing it here, because these city slickers? they've got no idea that i'm advertising bull semen.