Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

It's 9:00 PM on Valentine's Day. I am watching The Bachelor (Brad just sent Brit home) and Martin is sleeping on the couch. Aubrey is sleeping in her crib.

Considering its 9:00 and my Valentine's Day is already over, you might think my life is pretty lame.....And you might be right.

But I thought it was fantastic.

Martin and I had pasta with shrimp and scallops for dinner.
We cracked open a bottle of wine (some of it I used in the pasta)
We had strawberries for dessert.
I got Martin a card and a gallon of Arnold Palmer.
Martin got me a card, two Snapples, and dark chocolate with caramel filling.

Aubrey did arts and crafts at my parents' house today and made Martin and I the most amazing Valentine!

And Aubrey wore the absolute cutest Valentine outfit in the world! (and she managed to keep it clean enough to wear both yesterday AND today)

To sum up:
This was an amazing Valentine's Day.
My husband is incredible.
My child has stolen my heart forever.
I love absolutely everything about Martin.
I love my life.

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