Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Story Game

On Friday night we hosted a game night at our apartment. I really love game nights. One game we always play on game nights is the story game. We played this game at a game night we had over a month ago and I never posted about it and then we played it again on Friday night.

Here's the basic premise: One person goes in another room  and everyone else in the room makes up a story. Then the person comes back and they have to try to guess the story by asking yes or no questions. I know it sort of sounds like a wild goose chase, but hearing all the guesses and leading to figuring out the actual story is an insanely fun time.

Here's just a few of the guesses from previous story games.

Martin: Wait, is my brother having sex with my wife????

Martin: Is Caton sleeping with Shane?
Everyone: Yes!
Martin: Isn't that your cousin?? You guys are sick

Martin: When they were done did Alex make Kerri walk home?
Everyone: Yes.
Martin: Oh, man - you're an asshole, Alex.

Jake: So, it's perverted and it involves someone younger than me. Hmm. Well the first thing that comes to mind.....Do I become a priest and molest little boys?

Jake: Does it involve a fetish of mine?
Everyone: Yes!
Amanda: Oh god, Jake. No!
Jake: Does it involve animals?
Martin: You really need to think about the order of your questions.

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