Tuesday, May 22, 2012


A few weeks ago I had a dream that Martin dumped me for one of my college roommates (who is also married). In this dream, after I had been dumped, they were cuddled up on our couch reading Farm Journal and Martin was telling her How nice it is that you read Farm Journal with me. Jenna would never read this magazine.

Since this dream, I haven't really made any attempt to get into Farm Journal. But, it was sitting out  (and open) on the table after breakfast Sunday morning and I glanced down at it because reading would honestly require zero effort on my part. Unfortunately, I read the article title and my imagination ran wild about the possibilities when this type of article would ever be applicable in humans. Would we ever reach a point where we are trying to reduce lameness and boost fertility at the same time? I was so distracted by my thoughts that I forgot to read further. So the answer is, no, I haven't learned the key to reducing lameness or increasing fertility.

But...I did just realize this isn't even Farm Journal. It's Dairy Herd Management.

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