Sunday, May 20, 2012

Instaweek 2

Someday, the title of this post is going to be Instaweek 200. If my calculations are correct that is going to be about 8 weeks shy of four years from now....but still pretty exciting to think about none the less. I mean, if you break your life down into weeks it just doesn't really seem like its flying by quite as quickly as it feels. You should try it sometime, I recommend trying it when you're feeling really stressed or overwhelmed.

Pulling a chair up to the refrigerator and then playing with the magnets is one of Aubrey's current favorite things to do.

She is too cute! And pajamas are definitely a look she can really rock. Alex prefers to see her in pajamas because its when she looks her cutest.

We met everyone in the field for lunch today. Aubrey enjoyed some watermelon with Grandpa. 

For Mother's Day, my mom had some photos of Aubrey taken my Moments By Laura Photography. Apparently they were having a tough time getting her to smile but she still looks adorable.

 This week was hectic. I was out of town for work for a couple of days and then working late (and early) another couple. Needless to say, Martin and I didn't see each other much. And when we did.....this was my view.

But nothing rejuvenates you after a long week like a Saturday afternoon with this pretty girl. 

Or a great side of the road find! I got a pair of these wingback chairs for the amazing price of $0. They are in excellent condition and I've been lusting over wingbacks every since the movie up (I know, why I get my decorating inspiration from a cartoon is something I'm looking into also).

Friday evening we stopped over at my dear friend, Kerri McKenna's, to chat and say hello. We also did a fair amount of jumping on the trampoline. If only a picture could capture a giggle.

All packed up for a couple of days out of town for work.

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  1. I think that one chair is the one that Mrs. Abernathy died in.