Monday, May 7, 2012

Matt and Judy!

So I couldn't find a photo of these two together on my computer. You'll have to make do with a photo of each of them positioned side by side. You know really use your imagination, and take me out of the picture, they're both standing by water. But these two cool kids up there are Getting Married! I'm really excited. I think they're Absolutely perfect for each other.

 I've known Matt forever as Martin's best friend and I've known Judy for almost as long since we went to college together. I've only had the pleasure of knowing Matt and Judy together for a few years, after I had the brilliant idea of hooking them up just over two years ago, and I've loved every minute of their relationship. Besides the obvious reasons, like I always want my friends to date Martin's friends so our pathes will always cross, they are genuinely an amazing couple. I've basically watched Matt grow from a super quiet boy to a strong, silent, self-assured and extremely happy man during his time with Judy. And, in a weird way, I've actually seen pretty much the same thing happen in Judy, except she was never a boy or a man, but she is an amazingly strong woman.

I can't wait to be able to spend the rest of our lives having these two as one of our couple friends. Congratulations, Matt and Judy!

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