Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Weekend....and more Instagram

So, I'm back with another post of instagram photos. It took me longer than I care to admit to figure out how to get these photos onto my blog from instagram on my phone. They make it so easy to get the pictures on Facebook but I feel like I'm literally jumping through hoops to load them onto my blog. If anyone has any insight into this, it would be greatly appreciated. This first picture above was taken on Saturday night when Aubrey and I were headed to Jenni Powell's to spend the evening while Martin and Matt Powell were at a bachelor party (more on that later).

And then later Saturday night when I was cuddled up sleeping on the couch with Jenni's dog, Fiona.

I discovered that Aubrey can put her hair in pigtails and I'm in love!

Martin text me this picture while I was at work on Sunday and it completely made my day.

I know I posted this photo yesterday, but here's Aubrey in her boots again. This time instagramized.

And Aubrey's favorite pastime.....playing with cows.
Curling up in bed with a book. Does it get any better? BTW. if you're wondering its The Grapes of Wrath which I've been very slowly reading between other books for the past yearish. But...I FINALLY FINISHED! Yay for me! It was a good book, I just felt like it moved so slowly  I could never really get absorbed.


  1. Love your Instagram photos, especially the one of Aubrey in her boots :)