Sunday, May 13, 2012


I've been trying to upload a photo each day with Instagram. I take a lot of photos, but they're generally multiple photos of the same event. an effort to document daily, I'm trying to upload a photo a day with instagram. So far, it's been pretty successful. I figured I would take my daily pictures and then post them on here weekly. And, I have to say, the more I use Instagram the more I like it. It somehow takes the very mediocre pictures that I snap and turn them into photos that I love. I mean, it even made a regular iced coffee look amazing.

 A midday pick me up. Mmmm. Iced Coffee really is amazing.

Sunset on the drive home. There were some other shots that might have been better, but I was having a lot of difficulties getting a shot while driving. I came this close to running off the road and I got some pretty incredible shots of my rearview mirror and dashboard. It was just a lot of work to get a good grip on the camera and actually hit the button at the right moment while still maintaining a constant speed of 60mph and have the photos not look blurry. I really thought the trees in the foreground of the sunset looked beautiful, but you could really tell I was flying by in those photos.  

Last Sunday, Martin and I went fishing. Neither of us were extremely photogenic that day. 
 My mom turned 50 Saturday night. I packed some wine glasses for the small surprise party.

The lake at sunset. It truly is gorgeous.

My outfit on Mother's Day. I'm super partial to the side braid which Martin said, really goes with the outfit.

Aubrey tugging her boat in the bathtub. It's always better when she lets the duck ride in the seat. If she decides to let the duck swim then she is most certainly trying to drink any water that may be in the seat. 

What? What! So cute

Peanut butter on toast and banana. Delicious breakfast. Even if she ate all the peanut butter off the toast and refused to eat the toast. She also did the same thing this morning when I gave her peanut butter on banana slices. But you love bananas! Eat the bananas too! 

Once again, demonstrating her love for peanut butter. 

I'm not usually a cookie person (or a dessert person) but something about the walnuts in these cookies is amazing. 

I made chocolate peanut butter cup cookies for my mom's birthday. Recipe from Annie's Eats. 

Learning to fish.

On Saturday, Aubrey and I went for a six mile walk. We walked down to McKenna's (somewhat of my adoptive parents, you know how they say it takes a community to raise a child - they are a big part of my community) and then we walked back after visiting for a while (and jumping on the trampoline!) Their guernseys were lounging around in the pasture and they just looked so peaceful on the sunny day I had to snap a shot. 

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