Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday, I still love you

Every week I am reminded about how much I love Sundays. They are amazing! I really wish everyday could feel as good as Sunday. My Sunday started with waking up in Ithaca after a wonderful trip and enjoying a delicious breakfast with my long lost friend, Naomi before taking the gorgeous drive back home.

And Sunday only improved from that magical start. Grocery shopping. I started to pack up a picnic, then Martin changed my plans and I unpacked the picnic and we ate lunch at home. Then we headed up north to visit Mimi, Papa, baby goats and fishing.

We each went on a delightful boatride on the pond.

Aubrey and I did some chillin' and I did some reading.

Aubrey learned how to fish from her favorite fisherman!

I really wish I looked good ever when I'm holding the phone trying to take the photo myself.

And Aubrey obviously had a ton of fun chasing baby goats in a circle. Oh! And we went out for Wang Chung at night. It was a small crowd - Martin, Gabe, Matt, Aubrey and Me - nothing like the old days. Remember how huge Sunday night Chinese used to be. HUGE! Now I'm waiting for Martin to get home so we can watch a few episodes of The Office. (Watching it without him would be grounds for capital punishment). 

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  1. Love the pic of aubrey and martin!! sounds like an amazing day :)

    katie k