Monday, May 21, 2012

Clothes Line

It was too gorgeous to not hang clothes out to dry this weekend. Unfortunately, I don't have a clothes line. This works pretty well though. As I was hanging the clothes out to dry I remember getting embarrassed by my mom as a teenager for hanging my underwear out for everyone to see.  At the time it seemed ridiculous and when she said, I'm not going to run the dryer just for underwear I wasn't consoled. Now, as an adult, I've adopted a similar theory. But, when Aubrey has the same concerns in a few years,  I'll probably tell her that if people are even paying any attention to her underwear hanging on the line they're most likely thinking

Look at those green polka dot underwear. Those Brunings sure do have good taste in undergarments.


Mom: So, I know you're apartment gets really hot in the summer since it's upstairs. Maybe you guys should get an air conditioner.
Me: That seems like a permanent solution to a living situation that I consider semipermanent. It's the same reason I haven't hung a clothesline....too permanent.

later in the evening.

Me: So my mom suggested we get an air conditioner.
Martin: We survived last summer.
Me: was really hot though.
Martin: yeah.
Me: I told her it seemed too permanent for our semi-permanent living situation.
Martin: I'm on the same page as you. I'd rather sweat my butt off in something of my own that be comfortable and have nothing.

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