Monday, March 25, 2013

5 or 15 or 25

Yesterday, my niece Kendyll spent the afternoon at our house. Eventually her mom and sister joined us and stayed for dinner, but for the majority of the afternoon it was just Kendyll. Hanging out with Kendyll kind of makes you want to become an anthropologist because she is so halarious, ridiculous and decidedly not her age. She's five. And there are a few occasions when she acts like a five year old, but for the most part she's fifteen or twenty-five and even in one instance fifty-five.

Kendyll arrived and almost immediately went to inspect Aubrey's playroom for inappropriate toys and inadequate baby-proofing on my part. She came back with a few objects in hand, demanding to know if Aubrey was allowed to play with said toys (ie. an old calf pill bottle I had filled with rocks and a picture of myself with a friend from college). If you haven't guessed, this was the instance where I really thought she was my mother and not actually my five year old niece.

She then refused to participate with Aubrey in playing chase as Aubrey repeatedly attempted to coerce her into playing.

Kendyll: Why does she want to play chase?
Me: Because she likes that game.
Aubrey: Kendyll, come get me!
Me: Are you going to chase Aubrey?
Kendyll: Um.....No. (rolls her eyes)

Fifteen. All the way.

And she has the bored indifference of a fifteen year old.

Kendyll: I have that game.
Me: Candyland? Do you want to play it?
Kendyll: Um. I don't care.
Me: Well it's up to you. We can play it if you want.
Kendyll: I don't care.
Me: Well, it's up to you.
Kendyll: I just don't want to play it right now.
Me: Ok. What do you want to do? Do you want to make something?
Kendyll: Maybe I'll make a card for my dad.
Me: Ok. I have some crayons. You want to do that.?
Kendyll: I just don't want to do it right now.

And then moments later she's spilling all the kindergarten gossip to me in such detail and with such flair that if there had been a bottle of wine between us she could easily pass for any one of my friends from college.

Then there was the moment as it began to grow dark and Martin turned on the recessed lighting in the kitchen.

Kendyll: Oh my gosh! I didn't know you had lights like that!
Martin: Yeah, they're recessed lights.
Kendyll: I know! I've seen them on the internet but I've never seen them in real life! They are so awesome!
Martin: Yeah, I guess.
Kendyll: Martin, you can NEVER paint this kitchen! I LOVE this color!

The girl has an appreciation for home decor that only someone of at least their mid-twenties can appreciate.

And finally, the solitary moment when she actually acted like a five year old - the departure. When Megan was gathering up the girls and their things and hustling them out the door to head home for the night, Kendyll burst into tears.

Me: It's okay Kendyll, you can come back again.
Kendyll: I know! But I can't come back tomorrow or the next night. And it's going to be a really long time. I just want to stay here!

There you go - five. I knew you had it in you.

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