Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 on 10

I first saw this ten on ten thing here. Every month she has such an incredible ten on ten, I knew I really needed to do this also. Plus, I wanted to see what awesome pictures I could come up with if I forced myself to take at least one every hour instead of 30 in the span of three minutes. And, invariably, the tenth of the month would come and go and I would completely forget to take pictures. I finally remembered to take pictures on September 10th and I was thrilled and just about the time I was so high off my excitement there was no chance of coming down, I realized that I didn’t have internet or any way to post said pictures. So I came crashing back down to earth. So this month. Here’s ten pictures….From September 10th. Maybe I’ll have another ten from November tomorrow.

1.       Baby foot! 2. Checking out Aubrey’s calf 3. Visiting a friend at Tim Horton’s. The cashier couldn’t resist giving Aubrey a timbit. I think this may be her first experience with chocolate and she’s loving it. 4. Going for a walk 5. Shadows. 6. Feeding calves, Aubrey’s favorite thing to do. 7. Dirty jobs, Martin cleaning out the manure pit. 8. Helping with laundry. 9. Working on dinner 10. In bed with a book delightful!

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