Tuesday, November 8, 2011


While it’s still fresh in our minds and we still care about all the trials and tribulations that went into Halloween, I’ll let you in on all the details of the Bruning Halloween. 

First of all, I had decided way in advance that I wanted Aubrey to be a cow for Halloween.  She loves the cows so I was convinced it would be a perfect costume for her first Halloween. I am also disillusioned by the fact that I really want to be a crafty mom. I really want to be one of those great moms that makes amazing costumes so when their kid walks up to your house dressed like a cow you’re not really sure if that is an actual cow standing at our doorstep or a child begging for candy.

Sadly, I am not one of those moms. And the fact that I secretly know I am not one of those moms, led me to push the costume making fiasco off until the day before Halloween. At that point I really needed to get it together so while Aubrey played with blocks and the Bills played the Redskins in the background, I started sewing, by hand….you can go ahead and be impressed. I had to take pieces of black felt that I had cut into misshapen black spots and sew them onto a white sweatshirt

Except, I’m really not that great of a stitcher and about two seconds into the project I disbanded the idea of doing a nice tight stitch around each of the spots and decided I could just tack them at each corner. So four spots on the front. Three spots on the back. Because no one really cares about the back anyway. But then I got done two of the spots on the back and I was almost out of black thread. And I still had to sew the tail on. So I decided to just leave it at two reasoning that by November 1st anyone who saw her would forget that her back was poorly spotted and why would I ever take a picture of her back???

Oh, right. My child doesn’t ever sit still. On the night of Halloween we decided to just keep it simple and go see the grandma’s. Aubrey can’t eat candy anyway and we already had plenty for ourselves because Martin insisted that we buy two bags in the event that we got trick or treaters on Halloween night. I reminded him that we live in the middle of nowhere in an upstairs apartment and the likelihood of getting trick-or-treaters was very slim. Martin maintained that he didn’t want to get caught with him pants down. So we stopped in at my parents’ house very quickly, said hello and goodbye and settled back in the car to go to Martin’s parents’ house. It was at this point that Aubrey went from a little cranky to definitely not having it. She starting crying and screaming so furiously that at three and a half miles into our eighteen mile journey we had to pull over so Martin could take over driving and I could sit in the back seat and comfort of bellowing cow before she puked all over herself. Martin and I reasoned that we deserve it, Aubrey is so good every other moment she might as well make sure she is as cranky as possible on the really monumental ones that you are supposed to document, remember and cherish for years to come. (is anyone remembering her baptism?)

But then, we got to Mimi and Papa’s. And mimi had spoons to play with. Spoons that Aubrey could put in a bowl and then dump over again and again. And life was good. Life was so good that we were even able to take a few pictures with Kendyll and Leigha and their absolutely adorable witch costumes.

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