Monday, November 7, 2011

And We're In Business

I’m Back. Hopefully for an extended period of time. I still don’t have internet. But I think I’ve figured out a solution to continue posting. My hiatus from blogging these last two months has been KILLING ME. But it wasn’t until dinner on Friday night that I realized, I have to get my shit together and start posting again

Jennie: Is your internet working yet?

Me: (exasperated) No!

Jennie: I know. Everytime I check your blog it’s the same post, SURPRISE. I am starting to get angry.

Judy: At this point I think it’s been too long and you’re just not going to pick it back up. You’re just going to let it go.

And I can’t have people thinking that I’ve just let it go. So. I had to come up with a plan. And quick.

I immediately went home and loaded all the pictures off of my phone and on to the computer. All 868 of them (this took awhile). I had to resort to loading all 868 of them because for the life of me I cannot figure out how to pick and choose which photo to load onto my computer leaving me with the choice of all or nothing. When I had regular internet access, I went for the nothing approach and instead would email the pictures from my phone to my computer and download them that way. On a very regular basis. Since that is no longer an option, I had to resort to the all approach, which consisted of loading all 868 pictures onto the computer and then deleting the first 584 that were already on my computer. I’m positive this is not the most efficient method, but it is the only method I know. Feel free to leave me any advice for ways to make this process easier. And remember: I really am not good with technology, I have already resigned myself to the fact that Aubrey is probably going to be more technology literate by the age of three than I will ever be and at thirteen she will be rolling her eyes at me when I ask her extremely simple questions about technology and she answers, Mom. You just touch what you want. It’s a TOUCH SCREEN. No buttons involved!

And then, after this long picture loading process that got me on an even longer tangent. I had to type up my posts in a WORD DOCUMENT. And then store them away for a time when I could make a Tim Horton’s run to get a caffeine fix while simultaneously spewing the most insignificant details of my life all over the internet for your viewing pleasure.

So. Yes. I know. I am extremely long winded. And it took me one whole post and 496 words ( I know that because I wrote this post in a word document first!) just to say hello, good to see you again, I hope I’m around for a while this time.

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  1. I didn't even notice that you were on hiatus. Welcome back.