Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Please Put the Ham in the Crockpot

A few weeks ago I made a spiral ham for dinner. And when I say made I use that term very loosely because what I actually did was purchase a spiral ham, rub the glaze on it, and stick it in the crockpot in the refrigerator. I was getting home from work late that night and Martin was coming home early, so I asked Martin the night before if he could please put the ham in the crockpot as soon as he got home from work before going out to the barn. Martin had indicated that it definitely wouldn’t be an issue, but that he would need a reminder.

I definitely made sure he had a reminder. 1. On the way into the house 2. On the refrigerator because I know he is going to have a drink of water 3. Directly in front of the crockpot 4. And then a final reminder on the way out.

And Martin responded to all of my reminders. Apparently the one on the refrigerator was supposed to be an innuendo, but I completely missed it.

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