Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Kept Her Alive

The week before Thanksgiving I had to work late a couple of nights. On one of these nights I got home at 7:45 and Martin and Aubrey were just walking down the hall from the living room into the kitchen.

Me: (after smothering them both with kisses) How’s it going?

Martin: She hasn’t had dinner yet.

Me: Oh, she hasn’t? Ok.

I start making a dinner for Aubrey.


During dinner seconds later

Me: Has she had a bath yet?

Martin: No.

Me: Ha. What did you guys do tonight?

Martin: I kept her alive! And there was one moment when I thought I might have lost her. She was crying because she was trying to poop and I eventually just tuned her out a little and was watching the news. And then I suddenly realized that she stopped crying and I got really scared. But she was okay….and then she started crying again when I looked at her.

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