Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: Review

Maybe no one else is excited about a post in which I review the past year, but looking through everything that has happened was super exciting and also extremely nostalgic for me.

January: We rang January in the right way last year, with lots of excitement. Aubrey started walking. I almost burned the house down. Martin wore footie pajamas. Can you even ask for any more in just one month?

February: Aubrey becomes a groupie. Martin and I continue to have ridiculous conversations. We enjoy the best subs in the world!

March: Aubrey continues to get cuter and cuter in her daddy's shoes, on the farm, and playing in the dirt. I get my first pedicure! Katie teaches me the fine art of making the most delicious fresh salsa on our fabulous vacation in Florida.

April: Aubrey gets really into showing off her muscles. I have a spectacular time in Georgia with college roommates. The ridiculous conversations continue. I start making the most delicious pork tenderloin.

May: My mom turns 50! For the first time ever, my brother wants my approval. It
becomes apparent, once again, that I am terrible with cars. And Aubrey has adorable clothes.

June: Martin and I can sleep through anything. I learn some motorcycle lingo. Aubrey falls in love with strawberries and wildflowers. Caton continues to exaggerate (but less so).

July: We temporarily were without internet this month. But..... Aubrey starts climbing out of her crib. Martin defends the family. And we discover that ice cream is a huge hit.

August: We enjoy a weekend vacation for a wedding, and Martin is again...ridiculous. Aubrey finds her favorite toy. And the sleeping saga continues.

September: We go to a Zac Brown Band Concert. I become obsessed with Chicken Tacos and spend way too much time thinking about the meaning of hashtags. And Aubrey gets a kitten (or three).

October: I think I've finally overcome my issue with picking out vehicles (turns out, I haven't). The sleeping saga continues, again (the good news is at this point it's almost over). We find out we're having a girl! And we close on our dream house and move in!

November:  I really dragged my feet on getting internet access in our new home so I have a limited recollection of what happened in this month. But it included some home improvements and Aubrey learning the blame game.

December: I lose my keys. Aubrey gets really into Hide and Seek. My brothers attempt to help Martin with my Christmas Present, and of course, Christmas happens.

So.....that pretty much sums up 2012. See you next year!

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